Monday, June 29, 2015

PINee (+ Tutorial!)

Grab your sunglasses because this design is bright!
Though I have used neon polishes in all but one of my designs this month, in none of the designs did the neons take center stage quite like they do here.

I'm a little sad because for the life of me I can't get neon polishes to photograph nicely (the pink is so much pinker and brighter in person, trust me) but hopefully the effect still translates well enough!

I love how fun this design is though, from the bright colours to the fresh fruits and obviously to that super cool shades-wearing pineapple on my middle finger! 

As for the inspiration behind this design, there are actually two reasons this design came to fruition:
The first is that when a friend and I went shopping a few weeks ago we noticed that pineapple prints happen to be pretty popular this summer and I joked that I would do a pineapple design and snapchat it to her with  no context or caption - which I did.

**It's recently come to my attention that snapchat isn't as popular in some countries as it is in Canada; if you're not familiar with it, basically it's an app where you can send a picture to a friend that'll disappear after max 10 seconds.
The second reason is kind of fandom related because heaven forbid I go more than 3 weeks without sneaking low-key kpop references onto my nails. Remember when SHINee's Onew went to Thailand, bought a pineapple bag, put a pair of sunglasses on it and called it PINee? Because I do.

I'm also reviewing some cool cuticle tattoos for BPS! I won't bore you will all the details here (you can read the full review over on the main blog) but I will share some of the pics with you.

But anyways, yes, I love these bright, fun colours for summer! If you like this summery design as well then I have a surprise for you (which you probably already knew from the title of this post but just indulge me for a second): a tutorial video!

Quick little disclaimer, I didn't notice until I had already finished the design and was reviewing the footage on my laptop, but my camera got a little finicky at the beginning of filming and only recorded the last half of the shot where I painted the body of the pineapple. Since I wanted to get all the strokes in I had to scrap the footage of the first coat and use the footage of the second coat instead; that's why my nail starts off already painted at the beginning of the tutorial.
tl;dr: review your footage before getting so far into the design that you can't re-film if something goes wrong!

Hope you all enjoyed this design!

Products Used:
Ciaté - Big Yellow Taxi
Essie - Bottle Service
Essie - Licorice
Essie - Vices Versa
HK Girl - Clear Topcoat
Sally Hansen - White On
Round Black Studs


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