Saturday, June 06, 2015

Love Me Right

Hey guys!
I'm sure you know me pretty well by now, so you probably guessed that I wouldn't be able to let Exo's comeback go by without doing a design for it! This time they're back with their repackage album "Love Me Right," and my design is based off of the mv for the title track of the same name!

EXO Love Me Right Nail Art

Exo Love Me Right Nail Art

Little refresher if you haven't seen my other posts featuring exo designs (CMB, Pathcode, Overdose etc.), exo is a South Korean idol group who debuted in 2012. "Love Me Right" is their second repackage album.

I had a lot of fun painting this design, mostly because of the tie-dye! It looks so cool and is honestly so easy to do; you basically just put a drop of polish on your nail, dip your brush in acetone and then use it to spread the polish around on the nail! I think the blue/pink/purple combination worked really well and I think I'll definitely be making use of this technique throughout the summer!

EXO Love Me Right Nail Art

Exo Love Me Right Nail Art

I also ended up doing lettering again for this design; you'd think it'd get easier since I've been doing it so often but it's still kind of difficult and time consuming. I prefer doing thinner lettering (like on my index finger) to be honest, because you kind of only have to worry about making one straight line and not two straight edges like you do with block letters. It was still fun though and I think the letters and numbers on the jersey's turned out pretty well!

As always for these kind of designs here's a little collage so you can see where I got my inspiration from (and I'm sure you need it this time around since the jersey's and the tie-dye don't really make that much sense together, do they?):

EXO Love Me Right Nail Art

My only explanation for the mismatch between the two parts of this design is that I was just following the music video; you can check it out here or here if you'd like to get a better idea of what I mean!

I also decided that this design needed a tutorial to go with it so here you go!

The song is really fun though and I'm super happy seeing them have so much fun with the choreo during performances!

Hope you're all doing well!

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