Thursday, June 25, 2015

Chase the Sunset (Palm Tree Sticker Review)

Hey guys! I’m doing another summer design as well as another product review for Born Pretty Store today! Though I’m obviously more of a freehand-design kind of girl, I was lured in by the large number of stickers (12 sheets!) included in this package.

I started off this design with a warm purple-to-orange gradient and then added the stickers over top. I used Ciaté Cabaret, Borghese Incantato Purple, and Essie Serial Shopper (all pictured) for the gradient.

Who doesn't love a good pre-peel gradient pic?
As I've mentioned, this set of stickers includes 12 different sheets/themes. Technically it’s all one big sheet, but they’re separated into smaller squares/sections.


I kinda forgot to take individual pictures of the sheet before I started using the stickers so that’s why the palm tree/hibiscus section in the first picture looks so empty. Whoops!
(And because of that little mistake you also get an advance preview of the other items I received from BPS - look out for those reviews in the near future!)

The sheet has a really eclectic mix of stickers on it which range from the palm tree stickers that I used to chess pieces, to crosses, to eyes and lips, to roses. I’m not 100% sure how they all relate to each other but if you’re looking for a product with a wide variety then this is the sticker set for you.

I had a little bit of trouble when removing the stickers from the plastic backing. They came off the backing easily enough, but where I had used my nail to push them up off the plastic they seemed to fold under a bit and stick to themselves. I then couldn’t get them to unstick and so they went onto my nails with one edge being a little raised.

The above picture is pre-topcoat (and taken in very poor lighting) and you can see a little rip from where I lifted the sticker up a bit to try to flatten it out. It’s not super visible in the photo, but you can also see the lines around the stickers. This becomes less visible with topcoat, but you can still see them. 
Another thing that you can kind of see in this photo is that to get the stem of the largest palm tree to be at the edge of my nail, the clear plastic bit of the sticker has to overshoot the edge.

As I previously mentioned, top coat does seem to reduce the visible lines of the stickers, but it leads to some other minor issues. When topcoated, the stickers don’t seem to like being overlapped. While the stickers themselves are generally pretty flat (I’m not sure why they’re called “3D”), when they overlap they’re raised and create a kind of air bubble where they don’t quite reach the nail.

Now you may be thinking that the solution to this overlapping problem is to just skip the topcoat - who needs it anyways? Answer: these stickers need it. 100%. Do not wear these stickers without topcoat I cannot stress this enough.
I used some of the seashell stickers on my Cinderella hand of my previous beach design and didn’t bother to topcoat because I was running late. By the end of the night (approx. 4 hours) the gold had completely rubbed off and I was left with clear stickers with a vague resemblance to seashells on my nails.
They seem to be doing alright with a topcoat - no rubbing off so far - so my advice is to skip overlapping the sticker and stick with your topcoat.

Also, I'm not sure if you can really tell, but the sticker on my pinky finger in the above photo is kind of coming off because of how close it is to the edge. Make sure when you apply the stickers they're well onto your nail!

Overall I think these stickers would be good if you’re running short on time and just want something quick and easy for your nails. If you would like to try these stickers out for yourself they can be found in BPS’ Nail Art Section and sell for C$7.46 (US$6.20).

Don’t forget that BPS offers free shipping on all orders and you can get an additional 10% off of your order by using my code FHX31.

Thanks for reading!


** These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.** 

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