Monday, March 16, 2015

NAFW2015 Roundup

Hey guys! I know you're probably tired of seeing my hands after this past week of crazy updating but I just wanted to keep things going for one more day with a quick roundup of my Nail Art Fashion Week Designs!

Day One: Favourite Fashion Designer
Marc Jacobs, Fall 2015
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I started the week off on a high note with this pretty, delicate, beaded Marc Jacobs dress. I love the deep blue and also what I have learned to be called the "nail cleavage!" The caviar beads didn't take as long to place as you might think, especially with my home-made wax stick!

Day Two: Shoes
Alexander Wang, Spring 2015
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These futuristic shoes caught my attention and demanded to be made into a nail design. What really sold me on these shoes were the hollow heel that was the perfect excuse for incorporating negative space into my design!

Day Three: Bag
Moschino, Spring/Summer 2015
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This clutch was so simple and, well, chic, that I thought it was perfect for this prompt. I needed something simple that wouldn't take up too much time (since I was aiming to churn out three designs in a day) but was still eye catching. What better than Moschino for that!

Day Four: Fashion Trend
Dolce & Gabbana, Fall/Winter 2014
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I thought this was a really unique trend and decided to delve into it. This entire line by Dolce & Gabbana is very fairy-tale-esque and I kinda love it. There's a ton of outfits with key prints on them that I think are really cool even though I didn't use them for this prompt.

Day Five: Fashion Blogger/Style Icon
Kye, Spring/Summer 2015
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Yes, I did manage to bring SHINee into this challenge. But I mean come on, who else could I possibly choose as a style icon but Key? His style might not necessarily be my style (I could never wear even half of what he does), but I can still appreciate his fashion sense.

Day Six: Fall 2015 Dress
Diane von Furstenberg, Fall 2015
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This is maybe, possibly my favourite design of the week. I'm so sad I only got to wear it for a day before taking it off because it looked so awesome and let's be real: it's a lot better for practical wear than my day seven design! Very happy with the snake skin in this design; it's something I think I may revisit in the future.

Day Seven: Fall 2015 Runway Nail Art
CND for Libertine, Fall 2015
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Even though I just mentioned that these nails weren't the most practical to wear I still LOVED them. They were actually pretty stressful to recreate because I couldn't decide which specific model's nails I wanted to replicate and I was on a time crunch, but they still turned out well in the end!

And that was my quick little Sparknotes-version of #NAFW2015!
I also have a little behind-the-scenes look at my design process so that you don't feel like I'm not giving you anything new in this post, haha!

I don't physically plan out all my designs (the vast majority are just planned out in my head) but for important designs or ones that I think I need to visualize, I sketch them out in this book! I find that grid paper is great for planning nail designs because you can make sure your nail templates are always the same size!

Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed Fashion Week as much as I have! This is the first open collaboration that I've ever participated it and though it's been a ton of work but it was totally worth it!  Hopefully this becomes an annual event, because I'd definitely love to participate again next year!


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