Wednesday, March 11, 2015

NAFW2015 Day 3: Bag

I have some more fun things for you for day three of Fashion Week!
Today's prompt is bags and let me tell you, going through designer handbags makes me a) question why anyone would pay $3,000 for a bag, and b) wish I has $3,000 to blow on a really cute handbag.

The bag that is the inspiration for today's design is - appropriately - called "Cheap and Chic" and while its $210 price tag still looks pricey to me, I can appreciate that it definitely is much cheaper than its $3,000 companions (I'm looking at you, Louis Vuitton).

My original plan with this prompt was to recreate an absolutely adorable Louis Vuitton bag called "What Goes Around Comes Around," but after some serious consideration I realized that I one, didn't have a dark enough brown for the base and two, didn't have enough time to get into the level of detail the bag would have required. My love for this bag is still undying though, so as the runner up this week I have to share a picture of it:

The cherries have little faces! How cute is that?!

But I digress. Back to the bag I actually ended up choosing for today. It's by Moschino and it's also super cute but in a less ...cutesy way? But anyways, I loved wearing these for the short time I had them on; they're a bit more edgy than I usually go for but still really fun!

If I have a chance in the future there's definitely a possibility that I would want to do a design like this again!

Day Four Design (Inspired by a trend) will be up tomorrow and if you want to check out more amazing Fashion-Week-Inspired designs by other artists then check out the #NAFW2015 tag on Instagram! You definitely won't regret it; there are so many crazy talented people participating in this event!

Products Used:

Essie - Grow Stronger Base Coat

Essie - Licorice

Maybelline - Audacious Asphalt
Sally Hansen - White On
Seche Vite - Quick Dry Top Coat


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