Sunday, June 12, 2016


You can call me Monster ~
Hey guys! As you probably know by now, I can't let an exo comeback go by without doing a design for it! This time around exo came back with their 3rd full studio album EX'ACT and dual title tracks Monster and Lucky One.

I'll be doing designs for both title tracks and first up is this design inspired by the music video for Monster!

I don't know about you guys, but I was really anticipating this song and mv (I may or may not have watched the dance practice video ahead of time...) and it didn't disappoint! The song, concept, choreo, and music video were all awesome!

Four of the five nails for this design were really easy for me to plan. I definitely wanted to include the bones logo and decided to do a circular black-to-grey gradient to give it a bit more depth. The wounds on the index and middle finger nails were obviously inspired by the effects makeup the members were wearing in the mv, and I wanted to do the stylized "e)(o" on the pinky finger to connect this design with the one I'm doing for Lucky One (spoiler!)

The nail that was the most difficult to plan was the ring finger. Shoutout to my friend Joanne for dealing with me while I stressed about that one nail and for brainstorming ideas with me! My original idea had been to do that "no signal" thing from the Monster teasers and then I thought about using one of the scenes of the boys in the teal/pink dining room but Joanne convinced me that both of those would be too colourful for the rest of the design.
After that we went through a bunch of other tentative ideas until we watched one of the live stages and noticed that the clothes were all held together with safety pins. And thus the design for the ring finger was born!

The chain connecting my index and middle fingers was also super fun to do and I completely blame Baekhyun's lip ring for inspiring it. I used the same "fake nail piercing" technique that I've used a few times in the past, and now you'll be able to see how I did it!

The tutorial for this design includes instructions on how to recreate the designs on the index, ring, and pinky nails. If you decide to try this design out for yourself please remember to credit me and tag your pictures on Instagram and Tumblr with #looknyanails so I can see them!

Also, if you recreate this design please be very careful using the pliers! I don't want any of you hurting yourself or your nails trying to recreate this.

My Lucky One design will be out soon, so stay tuned for that!

EDIT 160628:
I've received numerous questions about how I did the thumbs for both this design and lucky one since I uploaded the tutorials, so I put together some pictorials to show you guys how to recreate the logos. Happy painting!

Products Used:
Ciaté - Dangerous Affair
Ciaté - Doll Face
Joe - Plaster
Essie - Grow Stronger Base Coat
Essie - Licorice
HK Girl - Clear Top Coat
OPI - Push and Shove
Sally Hansen - Eel Skin
Sally Hansen - White On
Serendipity Polish - Big Red Bow
4mm Silver Jump Rings
Silver Chain



  1. You're so talented and creative! Please continue your amazing work! :D