Monday, November 20, 2017

CND Nightspell Collection Swatches

I'm finally getting kind of caught up with my swatches! Today I'll be taking a look at CND's Fall 2017 Collection called Nightspell! This fall line is “reminiscent of precious jewels” and the shades “blur the boundaries between night and day.”

The collection includes 6 polishes: two cremes, two duochromes, a metallic, and a shimmer/metallic. All of the swatches were done with two coats of the polish + topcoat unless otherwise stated in the polish description.

Berry Boudoir is a deep purple creme polish. The formula was a little thinner than I expected from looking at it in the bottle, but I left it with two coats and as you can see in the swatches below it still has good coverage. It's a little thinner near my cuticles, but that's probably in part due to my application of the polish. I really like the deep colour of this polish though; it's a beautiful colour for fall and I can see it working well with a lot of colours that seem to be in this season for clothing.


Eternal Midnight is a blue/purple duochrome polish. This polish provided full coverage with two coats and was super pretty; I was honestly kind of mesmerized by it while I was wearing it! Definitely a nice choice if you want to add some flare to your manicure.


Hypnotic Dreams is a copper/green duochrome polish. I was expecting this polish to have a similar formula to Mercurial (which I'll talk about further down this post) but it turned out to be a little thinner. I might have been able to get away with two coats of this polish but I went for three just to make sure it was completely opaque. I always have a bit of a hard time getting shifting polishes to photograph well, but the effect of this polish is really pretty and you can see it better in the extra shot I added of the side view of the nails!


Lilac Eclipse is a light purple creme polish. I really liked the formula of this polish: it had good coverage on the first coat and full coverage by the second. While the colour is quite pretty for fall, I feel like this colour can be quite versatile and would look nice in a spring design as well.


Mercurial is an interesting polish, one that I'll be classifying here as a silver shimmer/metallic. This polish isn't exactly a straight metallic polish since it does have small pieces of glitter in it, but it gives me the same feel as a metallic polish. I thought this polish had a surprisingly good first coat and good, solid coverage with two. Definitely a nice surprise since a lot of the time I find metallics to dry too fast and get kind of streaky.


Veridian Veil is green/teal metallic polish. I have this marked down as being shimmery too, but I don't remember it having glitter bits in it the same way Mercurial did. This is probably my favourite polish from the collection. While I did use two coats in the swatches for consistency, this polish can actually be a one-coater: it went on perfectly opaque in one coat. I thought the formula went on smoothly and didn't dry too quickly so it didn't end up streaking. It looked really pretty on and I really liked how foresty the colour looked!

That brings us to the end of the Nightspell Collection! I really liked the deep, rich colours in this collection and think they would make some really cute fall designs!

Thank you again to the lovely ladies at CND and ASC for sending these polishes my way to take a look at them!


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