Saturday, November 25, 2017

Black Suit

Pop Quiz!
Q: What group first got me into kpop? 🤔
A: It was Super Junior back in 2011 with Mr. Simple ✨
I couldn't let Super Junior's comeback go by without doing something for the group that dragged me into this crazy kpop fandom, so I hope you guys enjoy this design!

I can't believe how long it's been since I last did a Super Junior nail design; the most recent one I did was way back in December of 2013, and it was for SuJu - D & E, not even for the group as a whole. A lot has changed in these past four years, including my art style, so I'm glad that this comeback gave me the opportunity to give this veteran, 2nd gen group a proper nail design.

This nail set was actually one of the easiest-to-put-together kpop designs I've ever worked on. The theme of the music video was very streamlined and story oriented, with even the title of the song easily setting up the design. The black suit was the focal point around which the rest of the design revolved, and after only two(!!) plays of the music video the rest of the nails fell into place. I chose to recreate the auction paddle that Shindong holds up since they're in auction house, and since there was money flying everywhere I figured that would be good to include as well. The other two nails were based off of the ending shot of the music video, and I think the font that "black suit" is written in really adds to the sophisticated feeling of the design.
The colour scheme came together pretty easily as well, with a single yellow-orange shade tying together the otherwise black and white design.

When I posted this design on Instagram I led off with the same question from the beginning of this post - what group got you into kpop - and I got a lot more feedback than I was expecting! It was really interesting for me to see what different groups and songs people first heard. While there was some overlap, there was also a lot of diversity and it was just a really nice opportunity to learn a little bit more about all of you guys!

If you're interested in recreating this design or just want to see the process behind it, I filmed a tutorial for it which you can check out below! If you do recreate this design for yourself please remember to credit me and tag your pics with #looknyanails so that I can see them!


Products Used:
CND - Apricot in the Act
CND - Clear Topcoat
Essie - Grow Stronger Base Coat
Essie - Licorice
OPI - My Vampire is Buff
Sally Hansen - Eel Skin
Sally Hansen - White On


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