Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Changing up an old design today to give it a bit more of a summery vibe!

The first time I did this design it was over top of a galaxy print instead of a gradient, and it was the first design that I painted after changing my nail shape from square to almond! That was all the way back in January of 2015 so it's definitely been a while since I wore this design (and since I had square nails!).

Fun fact about this design, I actually painted it back in January.
When I first did the pink/orange gradient, I wasn't intending to overlay it with this pattern and I wasn't intending for it to come out so bright. I actually meant for it to be the first design in a new tutorial series I was planning, but due to other opportunities that popped up (and the too-bright colours) I decided to bench that plan for another year and just use the gradient as a base for a general design.

Since the colours were so bright I didn't think they would go over super well in the middle of winter, so I decided to hold off on posting this set until the summer. I chose this overlay mostly because I was busy and didn't want to have to think up a whole new design, but I also felt that it would be fun over these super bright colours!

Products Used:
CND - Apricot in the Act
CND - Clear Top Coat
Essie - Grow Stronger Base Coat
Essie - Licorice
Essie - Off the Wall
Sally Hansen - White On


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