Friday, July 28, 2017

Red Flavor

It's been wayyyy too long since I've done a Red Velvet design, and their most recent comeback with The Red Summer and the promotional track Red Flavor provided the perfect opportunity to remedy that!

The song (and the whole album really) is so summery and fun: definitely a perfect summer bop! As a result, I had a lot of fun with making this into a bright, colourful, summer design.
I think one of my favourite parts of this design is the red outline around some of the nails; it's a little bit different from the kind of outline I've done on nails in the past where the outline touches the outer rim of the nail. I think this different kind of outline really gives a new feeling to the design and brings all the different patterns in the design together!

The most challenging part of this design for me (aside from the lettering which is always a struggle) was figuring out how to paint the grapes to make all of the individual grapes stand out from each other and not turn into a giant blob of purple. Since they're all the same colour I was worried at first, but once I started painting and not filling the circles in fully things worked out pretty well!

And as always for my kpop designs I filmed a tutorial for this! Please remember to credit me and tag your pics with #looknyanails if you decide to recreate this design and post pics on SNS platforms!

Products Used:
Ciaté - Kiss Chase
CND - Amuse-mint
CND - Apricot in the Act
CND - Aquaslide
CND - Barefoot Bash
CND - Carou-Celery
CND - Hold on Bright
CND - Palm Deco
CND - Party Royally
CND - Teal the Wee Hours
Essie - A-list
Essie - All Access Pass
Essie - Grow Stronger Base Coat
Essie - I'm Addicted
Essie - Make Some Noise
Essie - Mochacino
Essie - The More the Merrier
Maybelline - Fierce N Tangy
Sally Hansen - White On
Serendipity - Big Red Bow


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