Saturday, February 11, 2017

Marble Slab

I'm behind on uploading designs again, but this marble design is something that I did back in Mid-January for my graduation photos!

I can't believe I'll be graduating university in June 😱 These past four years definitely go a lot faster than I thought they would. It's definitely been a blur of business classes and late nights at bubble tea cafe's with my friends. I won't be completely done school this year though, I applied for a few different 1-2 year long courses at some local colleges to give myself some more time to figure out what I want to do job-wise after school.

Back to the nails though, I always seem to flounder for designs for important events, so this time around I decided to go for something simple and chic: marble nails inspired by @ninanailedit.
I've tried a few different techniques for marble nails, and this was my first time trying out the Sharpie + Rubbing Alcohol technique for them. As you can probably tell on the thumb I was having some issues figuring out the right balance of sharpie and alcohol and the shadows ended up showing up kind of blue. After that nail I started thinning the marker out a bit more so that it wasn't as harsh. Looking at the design again, I probably should have thinned it out a little bit less, but that's the learning curve for you.
I'm not 100% sure what happened on the ring finger nail, I think my hand had slipped and I tried to make some corrections with acetone, but then forgot that I actually wanted a line there? Honestly not sure how that happened.
Overall thought I'm pretty happy with this style of marble and I think I'm slowly figuring out the right lack-of-pressure needed to make those super thin, marble-like lines. Practice makes perfect!

Products Used:
Essie - Grow Stronger Base Coat
Essie - Licorice
HK Girl - Clear Top Coat
OPI - Pure
Sally Hansen - White On
Black Sharpie


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