Monday, April 11, 2016

NAFW2016 Day 1: Favourite Fashion Designer

Hey guys! I'm super excited to be participating in Nail Art Fashion Week again this year! This year's event is being hosted by the lovely @so_nailicious, @manicurator, @lieve91, @veryemily, and @lucysstash!

The theme for day one of NAFW is favourite fashion designer. Since I don't really follow fashion enough to have a favourite designer, I decided to choose a designer that I really liked during Fashion Week last year: Diane von Furstenberg!

I absolutely loved the DVF dress that I recreated for Fashion Week last year, and the Fall 2016 RTW collection did not disappoint! This stunning dress on Gigi Hadid is totally wearable and perfect for a nail design.

I started off trying to use striping tape for this design, but after having some issues with it on my middle and ring finger, I decided to just freehand the lines to save myself some time. I still need to work on getting my lines perfectly straight, but I think they still turned out pretty decent.

I'm currently in exam month for uni so please excuse the fact that I have less pictures of the designs up than usual. I do have more photos of the design (just not yet edited) so once I'm finished with exams and have a bit more time I'll try to come back and add the rest of the photos in! ^^

Oh! And don't forget to go check out everyone else's fashion-inspired designs by searching the #NAFW2016 tag on Instagram and Facebook! I've seen some of the designs other artists have posted already and let me tell you, there are some very talented artists participating in Fashion Week this year!

Products Used:
Essie - Grow Stronger Base Coat
Essie - Licorice
Sally Hansen - White On
Franken Sheer Black



  1. Nail designs nice and very attractive :) I really like the nail art is unique and interesting. thank you