Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Product Reviews: Snowflake Decorations + Isosceles Triangle Studs

What better way to start off the year than to be trying some more gorgeous products from Born Pretty StoreI haven't done any reviews in a few months but I'm happy to be back at it; today I'll be doing a dual review of some very pretty Gold Snowflakes and Isosceles Triangle Studs which can both be found in the nail art section of BPS' website!

These snowflakes are supposed to come in 5-piece package but there were 7 in the set I received so thank you for the extra snowflakes BPS!

(Yes, I do realize there are only 6 snowflakes in the above picture; I managed to drop one before taking the pics and couldn't find it for the life of me. Whoops).
The product description on BPS' website says the product is supposed to be 3-6mm in size (a range I'm assuming is given to take into account the other patterns available) but I found them to be a little closer to 7mm.

Not that 1mm is a large size difference, but I suppose if you have small nail beds it could have a greater impact.

The studs are supposed to come in a set of 20 (I received 21 - yay for extras!). The product description says the studs are 3mm x 5mm and though I didn't include a picture I did find these dimensions to be accurate.

For this design I played around with negative space, outlines, glitter and matter top coat before adding on the snowflakes and the triangle studs.

Something that I noticed about these snowflakes both before and after putting them on my nails is that they are extremely delicate. I managed to bend one of the little arms back just by trying to pick one up:

The good thing is that it's pretty easy to bend it back into the right shape, but it's not just before application that the product bent out of shape. After I had applied the snowflakes, I was trying to fold up a scarf when one of the snowflakes on my nails caught the material and bent up off the nail:

The catching is a problem in itself and it makes me wary of touching any delicate material, but I feel like this could be a problem easily solvable with a topcoat. I chose not to use a topcoat because I wanted the polish to be matte and the snowflake to remain shiny.
Update: I decided to test my theory about the topcoat before posting this review and I found that even with a topcoat the snowflakes still manage to catch in everything. I spent a good amount of time throughout the day just trying to keep the charms flat against my nails.

These are kind of interesting decorations to apply since they're kind of stiff (being made of alloy), and aren't sticky (so you can't just press them on). I waited a day before applying the snowflakes and ended up dabbing some topcoat on the back of the decoration and using my fingers to press it onto the nail - a method that obviously wouldn't work if your nails were still damp. I assume that the easier way to go about this would be to put the snowflake into still damp topcoat, but I'm not sure if they would mold to the shape of your nail if you applied them this way.

Overall these snowflakes are super pretty but are not super practical. They catch in everything and even a topcoat didn't help. I wouldn't really recommend them for long-term use, but if you can deal with the catching then for short-term use they are gorgeous!
If you'd like to try this product for yourself, they sell for C$2.62 (US$2.22) and come in 4 other patterns besides the snowflakes that I've reviewed here.
As for the studs, they apply like every other stud (not surprising) and I found them to be small enough that they sat flat on my nails (yay!). I usually use nail glue to apply my studs for durability but this time I decided to apply them with polish. I was pleased to find that even with just polish they've so far stayed on my nails for an entire day!

Overall I really like the studs! I've been wanting to try them for a long time and I wasn't disappointed by them at all; they totally lived up to my expectations!
If you'd like to try these studs for yourself, they sell for C$4.86 (US$4.10) and come in either gold or silver.
Don't forget that if you do end up getting either of these items that BPS has free worldwide shipping and that you can get 10% off your purchase by using the code FHX31.
Thanks for reading!


** These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.**

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