Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cult Swatches

I was very excited last week to receive nail mail from Cult Cosmetics! The lovely ladies there sent me a bunch of different individual polishes to try as well as a nail art brushes and a Black Box that included two polishes and a lipstick! I couldn't wait to try them out and may or may not have spent the entire weekend swatching the polishes!

First up we have Catalina! It a really pretty Periwinkle and one of the two polishes that were included in the Black Box! I used two coats for this polish and thought that it was a very nice and unique colour! (This one also happens to be my mom's favourite out of the 10 different polishes I tried haha!)

This polish was sooooo hard to photograph! It kept coming out very blue in pictures but it's actually very deep blue-based purple. I finally ended up trying to get a photo without the bright lights of the lightbox and ended up with this picture which is a lot closer to the actual colour. It's very shiny and pretty thick, but I would definitely go with two coats.

Hermosa Beach
This may have been one of my favourites of this batch; it's such a great hot pink polish and I can definitely seeing it being awesome for the summer! I used two coats but you may be able to get away with one.

Hollywood Hills
This was the first polish I swatched (I was trying to go from lightest to darkest) and I think it's a really cute shade of pink that I will definitely be using a lot. I found this polish to be kind of thin and ended up using three coats for it to be completely opaque.

In the bottle this looks kind of similar to Hermosa Beach, but it's actually a lot more orange. It's another shade that would be really nice for summer. Two coats were needed for this polish.

Melrose Place
The second polish from the Black Box; like most metallic polishes, I though it went on kind of streaky, but unlike my metallic Essie polishes it didn't seem to drag if the polish was still a bit wet (if you've used the Essie metallics you'll know what I mean). This probably would have been okay with one coat but I did two just because. Topcoat also seemed to make it look a bit less streaky.

Rose Bowl
From the name and even from looking at the polish in the bottle, I kind of expected this colour to be a dusty rose but it ended up looking more like brick. Still a very nice colour and highly pigmented; I used two coats but would have been fine with one.
I've kind of been collecting green polishes recently in my search for the perfect shade so it was nice to add to that collection. I probably could have used one coat but went for two. (Also not sure what's up with my middle nail in this picture - it looks like it's being repelled by my ring finger...)

Sunset Blvd.
I have a few different gold metallic and sparkle polishes but this was different from all of them. It's more sparkly than Essie's Good as Gold and more yellow than Good as Gold and Ciaté's La Confidentiale. It was less streaky than Melrose Place and the removal was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Two coats.

I found this polish to be a little thin as well (I used three coats to make sure it was completely opaque). The colour is awesome though! I don't have many holo polishes so I was very entranced by its copper/yellow/orange tones! Another awesome summer shade that would definitely bring out your tan!

And those are the polishes! Which ones are your favourites? I think mine are probably Dogtown, Hermosa Beach, and Hollywood Hills.

As I mentioned before, along with the two polishes in the Be My Muse Black Box there was also a tube of Cult's Muse Lipstick! It's a red lipstick that dries matte and honestly has one of the coolest packages I've seen:

The tube has a mirror on one side and LED lights on the brush to make it easier to apply on the run! Very cool idea and I'm not gonna lie I've been showing it to pretty much everyone I know. And for an idea of what it looks like on:

Sorry for the not so great photo; I'm obviously better at taking pictures of my nails than of my face lol. I find the lipstick to be a little sticky, but otherwise it seems to stay in place for a good amount of time!

I'm really excited to start using these polishes in designs (and I'll warn you now - you might be seeing a galaxy design featuring Dogtown in the near future)!
Hope you like the polishes!



  1. LOVE Rose Bowl and Runyon! Gorgeous swatches, gorgeous collection :-)

    1. They are really pretty, aren't they? Glad you like them! <3