Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Nails for Friends: Baroque and Snoopy

Midterms are finally almost over! Yay!
Since midterms are basically over and I have (a little bit) more free time now, I went over to see some of my friends whom I haven't seen in over a month and did their nails!

First up were Peanuts nails!
My friend had decided a few weeks ago that the design she wanted on her nails was Snoopy, which was perfect since it prompted me to give her the OPI Peanuts Collection for her birthday which I could then use for the design!

A word of advice, if you're going to be doing nails and taking pictures of them, bring the camera you usually use to take nail pics! I didn't bring mine since I already had a ton of polish to carry and ended up taking pictures with my old iPod which is why the quality of this photo is so poor. It kind of takes away from the design (which looks awesome in person!).
I found the yellow (Good Grief!), to be kind of thin and it required 3 coats to become opaque but it is pretty perfect for Woodstock and Charlie Brown's shirt! I also made the mistake of putting one of the glitter polishes, Where's My Blanket???, over a black base which was a terrible idea since half of the glitter is black. Definitely would have made more of an impact over a different colour.

Products Used:
Essie - Grow Stronger Base Coat
Essie - Waltz
Essie - Mink Muffs
Essie - Mojito Madness
OPI - Good Grief!
OPI - Where's My Blanket???
Sally Hansen - White On
Seche Vite - Quick Dry Top Coat

The second design I did was a kind of Baroque design inspired by Kristen (Laquerstyle).
The direction I got from my friend for this was "Victorian and the colour Maroon," so I decided to go with a dark, autumn-appropriate black to burgundy gradient with the gold design over top.

I think she was more amused with how much polish got on the skin around her nails when I was doing the gradient than anything else.
Another thing I forgot to bring with me was nail polish remover (I mistakenly assumed they'd have some in their house...) so I ended up doing the cleanup with acetone which I would definitely not recommend doing! Aside from it obviously not being the best for your skin, I found that it also just kind of pushed around the polish instead of absorbing into the cotton bud.

Products Used:
Essie - Good as Gold
Essie - Grow Stronger Base Coat
Essie - Licorice
Revlon - Burgundy Flirt
Seche Vite - Quick Dry Top Coat

Also, this is completely unrelated to these designs but as you may have noticed I didn't end up doing the third Halloween design that I had planned on. It was a design I was going to do to go with my costume, but I ended up changing my costume last minute and the design wouldn't have gone at all. I'll probably save the design for next Halloween.