Saturday, June 01, 2013


Another comeback this week and this time it's EXO which means another kpop manicure from me!
So yes, just to recap, exo made their first comeback this week on May 29th with the music video Wolf after almost a year and a half of promoting Mama.

But moving on, I consider this manicure to be a little but more liberal than my others, since I've been a little looser with my interpretation of some of the scenes. However I'm quite pleased with the results so I think it's ok!

Here's a close up on the wolf detail.

I'm super proud of these nails, actually, mostly because of the wolves on the thumbs.
I used acrylics to paint the wolves, (they were hard enough in acrylic, I can't imagine having to do them with nail polish), and they turned out way better than I thought they would.
However with that being said, if I ever mention wanting to paint in acrylics with my non-dominant hand again, feel free to tell me I'm an idiot because it was really stressful. 
Other than that here's another little fun fact about this manicure, the exo symbols on the ring finger are the most blatant fandom references I've ever put in a manicure.

And to top it all off, my post for this on tumblr was featured in the nail art tag! I am so excited about that you don't even know.

You guys know how this works by now, you can find exact scenes as well as a list of the products used in this manicure under the cut, just click on the "Read More" button!

These are the scenes I used to create each nail.

And here are the products I used:
Revlon - 955 Quick Dry Base Coat
Rimmel London - 100 Base & Top Coat
Rimmel London - 110 French White Nail Tip Liner
Wet n Wild - 299C Ebony Hates Chris
Quo by Orly - 59701 Black
Sephora by OPI - Matte Top Coat
Sally Hansen - 300 White On
Sally Hansen - Eel Skin
2mm Square Gold Studs
Reeves Acrylic Paints

~ Becca.

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