Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Our Page

Originally posted on July 13th.

Inspired by SHINee's Our Page, this design was one of my favourites from the year for both its visuals and its sentimentality. If you're new here or just don't remember, I love SHINee. I love their music, I love their personalities, and I admire their strength as a team and as individuals. That's why making this design inspired by Our Page, a song written for Jonghyun, was so important to me. 

“ tu m’apprivoises, nous aurons besoin l’un de l’autre. Tu seras pour moi unique au monde. Je serai pour toi unique au monde...” - Le Petit Prince (80)
The thumb is a recreation of album cover from The Story of Light EP. 3. A lot of Shawols have speculated that the fox on the album covers and in the Good Evening music video are meant to be the fox from Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Though I have read other theories, this one was my favourite.

“The pretty words that you left behind become a poem, become a song” ✨💚
The majority of the design is inspired by the stage set from the music video. As in the mv, I made sure to use pearl aqua green for the light bulbs and added 5 stars around the mic stand because SHINee is and always will be five. ♥

You can find the tutorial for this design on my Youtube channel below. Please credit me if you recreate this design and tag your photos with #looknyanails


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