Thursday, December 20, 2018

Butter London Glazen Collection Swatches

Originally posted October 9-11.

Earlier this year I was contacted by Butter London and asked if I was interested in trying out their brand new *peel-off* glitter polish collection, Glazen. As an avid hater of glitter polish removal, my interest was immediately peaked by the idea of glitter polish that you could just peel right off without having to use a special peel-off base coat. 

This collection includes 6 glitter polishes. All of the swatches are done with two coats of polish (no topcoat) unless otherwise specified in the polish description.

Two overarching notes for these polishes
1) They're VERY thick, almost gooey. This, I'm sure, has to do with the peel-off formula and it didn't inhibit polish application, but just a heads up for when you first open the bottles!
2) Peel-off-ability seems to be dependent on how long you leave the polish on. They didn't seem to peel off as well when I was doing back-to-back-to-back swatches; I don't think they had enough time to dry completely, and one of the polishes did take a strip off of one of my nails. I left Glitz on for like a week and a half though, and that one peeled off pretty nicely.


Aura is a holo opal glitter polish. It was one of the thinner (and I use this term loosely) polishes from the collection. Looking back I probably should have use another coat of polish to go for a more opaque look, but it is what it is. 


Black Magic is a black polish with silver glitter bits in it. I really liked this polish: the opaque black was nice and ensured that no parts of the nails looked bare. Definitely something I'd wear as a base for a Halloween design!


Galaxy is a glitter polish filled with purple, blue, and green flakes. I used three coats of polish for this swatch because the glitter didn't seem to be as densely packed into the polish as it was with some of the others. This one wasn't really my favourite in the collection because of the colour - it's just not really my thing. One of my friends loved this polish and actually borrowed it for a class reunion though, so it's really all just personal preference!


Blitz is a pinky-purple glitter polish. I think this one may have been my favourite from the collection for its similarity to my absolute favourite Butter London glitter polish Rosie Lee! Though the similarity is definitely closer in my head (I put them beside each other and this one is definitely leaning more to the purple side) this is still a really nice polish if you want something sparkly - and easy to remove - for the fall!


Gold Rush is a, you guessed it, gold glitter polish. There's literally soooooo much glitter in this polish, it's amazing. I was pleasantly surprised that you could get really great coverage in just two coats. Definitely one I'll be keeping in mind for NYE!


Supernova is a silver holo polish. I really liked this polish as well - it's packed with glitter and it's similar to another glitter polish that I love but was running out of. Definitely an upgrade to get a similar polish but with peel-off abilities!

That brings us to the end of the Glazen collection! Thank you again to the lovely people at Butter London for giving me the opportunity to try out these awesome polishes!


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