Sunday, June 09, 2019


Originally posted on February 2, 2019.

Earlier this year Sally Hansen reached out to me about joining the #SallySquad and trying out some of their polishes along with their new matte gel topcoat. Since I've been into more minimalistic designs recently I went for this simple glitter cuticles look.

I love the contrast between the glossy cuticle and the solid matte nail - it makes the glitter pop even more! Best of all this design is super easy and quick to recreate; check out the steps below!

1️⃣ Apply 2 coats of Sally Hansen O-Zone You Didn't - no base coat needed!
2️⃣ Make a cuff around your cuticle with Sally Hansen Neblue-la
3️⃣ Topcoat the entire nail with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Shine Topcoat
4️⃣ Topcoat just the crème part of the nail with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Matte Topcoat, making sure to leave the glittery part glossy

Products Used:
Sally Hansen - Matte Topcoat
Sally Hansen - Neblue-la
Sally Hansen - O-Zone You Didn't


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