Friday, March 24, 2017

SHINee World V in Toronto

Hey guys! If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know that my friend Joanne and I were able to get tickets to see SHINee at the Sony Center in Toronto last Sunday! The concert was a lot of fun and obviously I couldn't go to the show without having my nails decked out in SHINee colours!

The first half of this post will be about the nails and then I'll talk a little bit more about my concert experience in the second half :)

I had originally wanted to do something more intricate and fun for this design and already had it planned out but I just completely ran out of time. My original plan had been to recreate the cute, cartoon versions of the SHINee members from their SHINee World V promotional material but I had three papers due that weekend and social/extra-curricular events Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat nights. So as hard as I tried there just wasn't enough time to get everything done and unfortunately it's the nails that had to take the hit.

With that being said, I am happy with how these nails turned out even if they weren't what I had in mind at the beginning. The design is simple and chic and it only took me an hour total which is super short in comparison to most of my other designs! I'm also happy with the base colour which I coincidentally received from CND the week before the concert - perfect timing!

Products Used:
CND - Amuse-mint
HK Girl - Clear Top Coat
Sally Hansen - White On

Now on to talk a little bit about the concert itself!

The concert was supposed to start at 7 with doors opening at 6:30, but Joanne and I decided to make a day out of it and headed to Toronto around 11am so that we could wander around the city for a bit beforehand. We got lunch at a dim sum place and then made our way through Chinatown, the U of T campus and then down around to the Eaton's Center, all the while checking the SHINee World Canada Twitter page to see where lightsticks were going to be given out. Once they said that it would be announced after 4, we headed down to the Sony Center and sat around in a little parkette for a while. 
Coincidentally, they announced that the lightsticks were going to be handed out at that park so we were able to go over and get a spot in the line pretty quickly. While we were waiting in line, some other fansites started handing out banners for different members as well, so one of us stayed in the main line while the other went to get banners. We ended up each getting DxDxD lightsticks which we were pretty happy about because we had been disappointed when KpopMe had said they wouldn't be selling merch for this part of the tour. Many thanks to the generous Japanese Shawols who sent lightsticks over so that we Canadian fans could give SHINee their Pearl Aqua ocean! <3 

After waiting in a few lines for banners, we decided to wait out the rest of the time until the concert in a Tims near the theater because by that point it was freezing and we both needed tea and a place to thaw out a little. When it got a bit closer to 6:30 we headed back out and joined the line of people waiting to get into the theater. When we got there we about two blocks back, but by the time we got up to the front and were let into the theater the line had wrapped around the entire square block and was going down the street 😱
We met two pairs of girls from Montreal while we were waiting in line and they were all really nice - one of the girls even said she had seen my tutorials before! Shout out her if she's reading this: it was really cool to meet someone who's seen my videos!

Once we were inside we were all kept in the lobby for a little while before being let into the main theater (but hey, at least we were finally warm!) and obviously pictures had to be taken:

We had tickets in row FF (aka the 6th row from the stage!!) and honestly I think both Joanne and I found it a little surreal that we got to see SHINee so close up. The show itself was super fun, even though there were a few technical difficulties (first with the intro vcr which ran twice, then with the music for Prism cutting off and then again with some of their mics in another song, Replay I think). The atmosphere in the theater was great, everyone was so hyped and I think the general level of enthusiasm from Canadian fans even surprised the members a little.

I don't know how to explain this mini fan-account without it sounding cheesy, but there were a few times during songs where I noticed Jonghyun looking out into the first few rows and looking at the fans really tenderly, like he was just really grateful for everyone being there and supporting them. Typical Jonghyun behaviour tbh.

During Savior (which everyone was super hype for) the members threw signed balls into the audience and by some insane luck both Joanne and I got ones and so did the two girls beside us! Technically Joanne got both of ours for us so thanks for being so goal oriented at that moment Joanne :P Joanne took the one with Onew's signature (since he's her bias!!) and I got the one with (we think) Minho's signature! We were both pretty excited about it ^^

The show went by wayyyy too fast and before we knew it, it was time for SHINee's encore stage. This is when we ended up doing the banner project since the little postcard SHINee World Canada had put in all the cup holders had said to do it during So Amazing which wasn't performed. The members all looked really touched by the project and I swear I saw some of their eyes *cough*Jjong*cough* get a little misty.

Overall I thought the concert was amazing and it's something I would totally do again if I ever got the chance. If I'm comparing it to EXO's Concert in Vancouver from last year, I would say that in terms of the groups themselves both concerts were amazing, but I think that the fans at this concert were more well-mannered in terms of not having to constantly be told to not push anyone. This very well could be because all of tickets were seated and there was no GA to be pushing in, but either way it was nice not having to hear the members telling fans to take 2 steps back every couple of songs.

Can you spot Joanne and I? We're just above Jonghyun's head!
I'm really, really happy I went to the concert and honestly, even though Joanne and I were kind of freaking out about the price of the tickets (why were they so much more expensive than exo's?? why??) it was totally worth it in the end. Thanks for putting on such an amazing show, SHINee! Hope to see you again in Canada again soon!


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