Sunday, January 08, 2017

Winter Pusheen

First design of the year!
I've been meaning to do a Pusheen design for a long time and when I saw a graphic of this cute kitty drinking hot cocoa while I was browsing Pinterest, I knew that now was the perfect time to get this off of my to-do list!

Pusheen is seriously one of the most adorable cats out there so I'm glad I decided to start the year off on such a cute note.
I've also been wanting to do some Fair Isle nails this winter so this design helped me complete both of those goals at once! My initial plan had been to have the Fair Isle print on all of the nails except for the one that Pusheen was on, but after doing the design on the index finger I decided that that would entail way too much work and scaled it back so that I would only have to stress over doing the design on one more nail instead of four. I think it still turned out pretty cute and I actually really like how the glittery red polish looks with the rest of the design!

This is the print that inspired this design (click on the photo for the source):

Are there any other character nails you'd like to see me do at some point? Let me know in the comments below!

Products Used:
CND - Be Demure
CND - Revelry Red
Essie - Cocktail Bling
Essie - Grow Stronger Base Coat
Essie - Licorice
HK Girl - Clear Top Coat
Sally Hansen - White On
Serendipity Polish - Big Red Bow
Rectangular Rhinestone [x]


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