Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Serendipity Polish Swatches

Hey guys! Thanks to the lovely people at Serendipity Polish I have some swatches for you today!

Big Red Bow
Say hello to my new go-to cherry red polish! I left my usual red open overnight a little while ago (terrible mistake, I know) and it's now gummy and this polish is the perfect replacement! It's a bit darker than it turned out in the picture (why can I never get red polishes to photograph well??) and I thought the formula was good. Full coverage with two coats + topcoat.

Holo-Day Light
Can you guys believe that this is my first holo polish?? It's super sparkly and honestly I cannot stop staring at my nails because it's so mesmerizing. For this swatch I used three coats + a topcoat; I would have been totally fine with two coats but I just wanted to make sure I maximized the sparkle! I also used a peel-off basecoat because it makes taking glitter off sooooo much easier.

Peace, Love, and Sandy Feet
This next polish is a beige colour with orange undertones. I felt like it was a little dark with my skin tone (I'm super pale) but I think it'd look good with a tan! I used three coats and a topcoat for this swatch; I felt the formula was a little thin and I could still see through it a bit with two coats.

Pink Poinsettia
Ok, look at this polish and tell me it doesn't immediately remind you of Barbie? I can definitely admit that my inner child was pretty excited about having Barbie-pink on her nails for a while, lol. I used two coats and a topcoat for this swatch which I felt gave good coverage.

Starfish Tree Topper
The last polish is a gold glitter! This glitter is kind of a muted gold which I really like; it's not quite as in your face as some more yellow-toned gold glitters. And so much glitter is packed into this polish! Two coats provided full coverage and it didn't loose any of its luster when I added a topcoat.

Finishing Touch
This isn't a coloured polish so I don't have a solo swatch of it, but I did use this topcoat for all of the previous swatches in this post so you can see it in action in the pictures above. I'm honestly really picky about topcoats so if I sound like I'm being nit picky... I'm sorry lol. I thought the formula for the topcoat was a little thin and there were visible brushmarks in the polishes when I used it. The brush for the topcoat was also cut on a bit of an angle which I think was probably a mistake. It also kind of smelled like rubbing alcohol which probably has zero effect on how well the polish works but I thought I would throw it out there anyways. 

And there we have it! All the swatches! Thank you again to Serendipity Polish for letting me try out these polishes! I'll have a design up featuring them soon! ^^


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