Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Light As A Feather (Feather Water Decal Review)

What do you do when you don't have time to paint your nails? Personally, I use the opportunity to do the BPS water decal review that I've been putting off for a month.... Shhh don't tell Alice I've been slacking. 

The feathers are all decals but I couldn't bring myself to only have decals on my nails (I feel like I'm cheating) so I painted a cute little owl on the ring finger to compliment the feathers. 

These decals come in a one sheet set that has two patterns on it: the top half of the sheet has individual feathers while the bottom half of the sheet has full-nail decals that you can cut to fit your entire nail.

I chose to use the full-nail decals for this review. Some full-nail decals will have markers to show you where to cut so the decals will be the right size for your nails, however these ones do not. The pictures below show how I determined where I needed to cut the decals (I measured by putting my nail up against the backing and marking the length and width), and then how I shaped them to better fit my nail to as much cleanup as possible later on:

I applied these decals over just a base coat because I didn’t think things through all the way and it didn’t click in until I was sliding the decal off the paper backing that the white behind the feathers was literally just the colour of the paper, not the decal itself. So yeah, don’t make the same mistake I did; if you there to be colour under the decals you’re going to have to apply it yourself.

I wasn’t too crushed about my mistake though, it actually turned out looking pretty cool with the negative space.

As for the usable-ness of the decals, they’re honestly the same as basically every other water decal I’ve ever used: slides off the backing easily, easy to apply, and is completely flat on the nail.

If you’re looking at the pictures and are thinking “it looks like the decals don’t go right to the edge of your nail though,” you’re right, but this is because I couldn’t take pictures right away and had to take these pictures after a day of work (and working in an ice cream shop means the edges of my nails don’t last long). This is no fault of the decals; they had wrapped around the edges of my nails nicely prior to being subject to a lot of water and freezing temperatures.

If you want to try these decals out for yourself, you can find them in BPS’ Nail Art Section by searching the product code “20609″, or you can click here for a direct link. The decals sell for C$3.60 (US$2.99) for one sheet.

Born Pretty offers free worldwide shipping on all orders and you can save an extra 10% off your order by using my discount code FHX31.

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** These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone. **

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