Monday, July 27, 2015

Gimme That, Gimme That Ice Cream

Who wants some ice cream??
Even though I'm surrounded my ice cream all summer (I work at an ice cream shop) I'm still not tired of it and even love it enough to wear it (in the form of charms) on my nails!

You might be able to tell from the thumb, but the original plan for this design did not actually involve ice cream charms. I was going to add cherries over the pink gingham like in the following print. When I tried it on the thumb though it seemed to busy since I made the gingham too large so I reconsidered. By that point it was too late for me to redo the thumb though so it ended up staying with the cherries.

Click image for source.
I definitely prefer the design with the charms though so I wasn't too heartbroken over the cherries not working out.

The charms are ones I ordered form earlier this summer and have been dying to use ever since they arrived. Aren't they super cute? I also got some equally adorable popsicle charms and some cool spike crowns (which I also can't wait to use)!!

Though I only had the charms on for about 20 minutes to take the photos (I had to run to work right after and I didn't want to take the chance of them falling off into anyone's ice cream) I still really liked how they fit on the nail. They curve with the nail bed so I don't think they'd catch all that much, and they aren't very tall so they aren't at all impractical (like some other charms I've tried out, /cough).

I also got to try this new pastel green polish - Chillato - from Essie with this design. It's a really nice shade and goes on nicely. The white dots blend in with it a little too much in my opinion, but it still looks cute! ^^

Products Used:
Coco + Lulu - Macaron
Essie - Blanc
Essie - Chillato
Essie - Grow Stronger Base Coat
HK Girl - Clear Topcoat
Models' Own - Ceris Shine

Revlon - Sublime Strawberry



  1. How cute is this!?!! I love love the ice cream charms so much, and the combo with the dots and the gingham print is so sweet and pretty! Your gingham print looks amazing by the way, I actually thought they were water decals!

    1. Ahhh thanks Robin! I know, the charms are so adorable; I've seen other artists use them and I just /had/ to get them for myself! :D