Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Product Review: Floral Lace Water Decals

More reviews for Born Pretty; as always don't forget to check out their Nail Art section for other cool products.

Today I tried out some lace and floral water decals. When I asked to try them out I had a faint idea in my head about making a tea part theme and I kind of expanded that to Alice in Wonderland Tea Party.


The decals come in a 1 sheet package with 20 individual decals per sheet.



There are 5 different decal designs on sheet #Y148: 3 large, floral, corner pieces that are shaped to be positioned at the edge of your nail; and 2 straight lace decals, one of which contains the writing "All is Well."


Sorry the photo is so dark, it was hard to see the words with a lighter picture. This brings me to my first point about these decals. Even before any attempts at applying them they are very hard to see on the sheet since they're white. It was difficult cutting around them as the only way you can really tell where you should be cutting is from the way the light hits the decals vs. the paper backing.

With that being said, once the decals were cut out the application was ok, (they separated from the backing easily and didn't adhere to the nail too quickly). I did have some issues with getting the larger decals to lie flat though, and I think it's because of their size. They were a bit too big for my nail and I ended up just making sure it was as flat as possible and using a paint brush dipped in acetone to "trim" the edges a bit. After applying the top coat they seemed to flatten out a bit more, though, and integrated well with the polish.

I had the opposite problem with the smaller, straight decals: they were too small for my nails!


They didn't have the length to go across the whole nail and I didn't really want to use another whole decal for like 3 mm of uncovered nail. The decals might have fit across my pinky finger, but being too short for every other finger makes them kind of useless to me. I don't know how else I could use them.
As another side note, while you can see the decal in this macro shot, I wouldn't recommend using them on light colours because they aren't very visible from further away.


The decals are very pretty and visually I really like them, but I think their sizing makes them fall short in their usefulness and I also can't see the design (meaning the floral decals and the ones stating "all is well") being very versatile. If you'd like to try these decals out for yourself, they sell for C$2.46 (US$2.29) per sheet and come in one other floral design.

Don't forget you can use the code FHX31 for 10% off your order at BPS, (also free world-wide shipping which is always a bonus!).

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** These products were provided for review. All opinions are my owns and have not been influenced by anyone. **

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