Saturday, January 18, 2014

Year in Manicures: 2013

2013 is officially over so here's a quick look back at some of my favourite manicures of the last year!

All Mapped Out - June 31st
I really like the aesthetics of this manicure and was so pleased with how the watercolours turned out!
Breaking News - June 22nd
Aside from these being a SHINee design, they were also the nails I had for my high school graduation so they're pretty special to me!
Happy (Holly)days! - December 21st
Arguably my most-viewed design of the year, I liked the simplicity of this design and how it was festive without being too in-your-face about it.
Big Yellow Taxi (aka Mr. Taxi) - August 31st
I loved this design for a few reasons. First being the design itself, second is that it reminds me of SNSD's Mr. Taxi and the third is that they're the nails I had when I started University!
Christmas Wishes - December 25th
In my mind this was the cutest mani I had all year; I'm a sucker for simple dotted nails. It's also based off a Christmas card from my neighbors and it was a huge hit at family Christmas.
The Summoning - November 24th
It took me a while to think of these but once I did I loved them! They were the perfect combination of watercolours and typography (another love of mine).
Coffee Shop - June 29th
Another kpop mani! This design still makes me laugh because I don't drink coffee, I just liked the song, but while I had them on people kept telling me how much they liked coffee too!
Wolf - June 1st
I couldn't leave this one out after laboring over those wolves! They were difficult but I'm still really proud of them.
Geometric - October 17th
Simple but pretty. These made me realize how fun it can be to work with geometric patterns as opposed to real "themes" or concept driven designs.
And that sums up my top 9 manicures of 2013!
Do you agree with my choices? What would your choices have been? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you guys!

- Becca.

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