Friday, August 28, 2015

Siren Song (+Tutorial!)

Summer isn't almost over; school isn't starting soon, what are you talking about?
I'm obviously in denial about the end of summer holidays creeping up faster than I would like, so in retaliation and in a desperate attempt to hold on to the warm weather and stress-free days I did a glittery, gaudy mermaid nail design for you all!

Ahhh mermaid nails. So impractical and yet so gorgeous.

My inspiration for this set of nails was a drool-worthy glitter polish from Sally Hansen called Mermaid's Tale which I've had sitting around unused since the end of last summer. Obviously I had to listen to the polish name and turn it into mermaid scales, there really was no other option.

Because this polish is just too pretty I put together a little collage of it so we can be dazzled by it together:

So gorgeous and super sparkly; once I'd sponged on the polish, but before I added the scales over top, my nails looked like underwater disco balls and it was awesome!

My game plan when I started these nails was basically to pull out every single kind of stud, charm, and bead that I own and work from there. I always love looking at other artists' charm-heavy mermaid nails so I figured it was time to make some of my own. I used some new studs (like the seashells I've been dying to get for the longest time and those small little triangle studs on my thumb) and some old ones (my trusty caviar beads, pearls, and starfish) and basically just covered my nails in as much bling as possible without completely hiding the scales underneath!

This is my second time doing mermaid nails, the first being May of 2014 when I was on vacation in Hawaii. Though they have the same theme both sets of nails are quite different, the last one being pastel colour and featuring real sand and seashells (also my nails were super long; how did I deal?):

I wish I had been able to wear these for longer than I did. As it is I only got to wear these for a few hours because they would have been ridiculously impractical for work, but while I had them on I felt like my fingers were totally glamorous! At least I have the pictures!

I also decided to make a tutorial for this design in case any of you want to hold onto summer as much as I do!

Products Used:
Coco & Lulu - Riviera
HK Girl - Clear Topcoat
Sally Hansen - Mermaid's Tale
Sally Hansen - White On

Gold Starfish Charms (#20116)
Gold 3mm Seashell Charms (#10181)
Gold 1.2mm Round Studs (#12411)
Gold 2mm Triangle Studs (#16681)
Gold Caviar Beads (#516)
2/2.5/3mm Pearl Studs (#14415)
Gold Jump Rings

All of the charms except for the jump rings (which I picked up at Michael's) are from Born Pretty Store! Just copy and past their product ID numbers into the search bar on the BPS website if you want to find them.



  1. These are just absolutely fabulous! Who cares that they're not practical when they're so beautiful! :)

    1. Thank you so much!! Right? Practicality is overrated anyways ;P