Monday, April 06, 2015

Ciaté Swatches

If you follow me on some of my other social media platforms, you may know that I received some awesome Nail Mail from the lovely people at Ciaté about a week ago. I've had the swatches of the polishes they sent me ready to go for a while now but haven't had the time to post them because of some time-sensitive designs that had to be posted first.
Now that those post are out of the way though I can finally show you these gorgeous Ciaté polishes that I received!

Dangerous Affair
First up we have this amazing deep red polish. You know those polishes that you put on and they just make you feel really powerful? This is one of them. I used two coats and a topcoat for this swatch and I thought the polish had really good coverage; it was completely opaque with the two coats.

Doll Face
Now in a complete 180 from Dangerous Affair we have Doll Face which is a matte (!!) beige. I loved this polish because it felt so dainty and chic since it matched my skin tone so well and I just really love the matte effect! I used three coats and no topcoat for this swatch, and one thing that I should definitely mention if you're planning on grabbing this polish is that you need to apply this in thick coats. Since I wasn't aware that this was a matte polish when I first put it on I applied it pretty thinly and it ended up streaking and leaving some bits in the middle of my nail exposed. Even after applying more coats the dents didn't fill in so I had to take the polish off and try again. So yes, definitely don't skimp on this polish, it's not worth it!

Fit For a Queen
Next up is this metallic silver! I used two coats and a topcoat for this swatch. Now I have a lot of different silver polishes that all have unique characteristics so I have a lot to compare it to. This polish is definitely not a chrome polish (think OPI Push and Shove); it falls more into the category of grainy-looking silvers that are generally really good for a glitter gradients. It's not streaky though, it goes on nice and smoothly and is easy to remove unlike some other glittery polishes.

Meet Me In Mayfair
Speaking of glitter polishes, this next swatch is of Meet Me In Mayfair which has little, long rectangular pieces of black, silver, and gold glitter in it. This swatch is three coats of the polish without a topcoat (and by "3 coats" I mean three coats of dabbing the brush on my nails to get complete coverage, not three coats of just painting it on straight). I thought that this polish dried flat (no catching!), and kind of matte. While I used this to cover the entire nail you could definitely also use this polish as a topper over a base colour. I would also definitely recommend using a peel-off base coat if you're trying this polish out; I wouldn't want to have to deal with taking this polish off with remover!

Pom Pom
Next we have Pom Pom which is a really bright, orange-y polish. I used two coats and a topcoat for this swatch, but I probably could have gone with three coats because I could still kind of see where my nail met the skin (is there a name for this??) through the polish. I feel like this would be a great polish for the summer or for the winter months when you need a pop of colour to save your spirits from the gloomy weather.

She's Eclectic
Finally, we have She's Eclectic, a purple/blue holo polish! I don't have many holos so it was really cool to test out this one. This swatch is of two coats and a topcoat, and the polish gave complete coverage with the two coats. Holo's are pretty difficult to photograph (I know, I'm probably preaching to the choir), but I think that this picture captured the colours of this polish pretty well!

And there we have it, swatches of the six polishes I was sent! Which one do you like best?

You may have also noticed in the first picture that I also received a cool gel kit from Ciaté and while I haven't tested it out quite yet (since I've been taking my designs off after a couple of days which kind of defeats the purpose of gel) I definitely will be in the near future. I'm hoping to rope a friend of mine into helping me with a little experiment with it as well since my polish generally doesn't chip even without gel. So hopefully that little experiment happens soon, but in the meantime I should have a new design up for you guys in the next couple of days!


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