Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Strawberry Pocky

Hey guys!
Sorry I've been kind of MIA for a bit; last week was really busy for me. I'm back now though with some cute strawberry pocky inspired nails!

This design has been on my to-do list for forever after a follower on Instagram requested them. I kept putting them off though because I thought they would be cute for whenever I dyed my hair (and I was right!) 
I've been thinking about dying my hair pink for over a year now and I finally went and got it done last week! While I do miss being blonde I also love the pink and have had so many people compliment me on it!

I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted to do for this design, but after running across this print on Pinterest and receiving CND's Pinkle Twinkle, a general idea started to form! I used this polish in my last design as well, and I'm still really impressed by how thick the formula is and just how much glitter ends up on your nail. This is three coats of the polish but I probably could have gotten away with just one (but why go easy on the glitter?).

I added in the little flowers with the strawberries because one of the pictures of the Pocky packaging I found on google had little flowers on it too:

Look at how pretty the glitter polish looks in that macro shot! *heart eyes emoji*

I may or may not have also gone to the store just to buy a package of Strawberry Pocky to take photos with...

Ah, the things I do for nail art photos.

Anyways, hope you guys liked the design!

Products Used:
China Glaze - Designer Satin
Ciaté - Apple & Custard
CND - Be Demure
CND - Pinkle Twinkle
Essie - Grow Stronger Base Coat
Essie - Waltz
HK Girl - Clear Top Coat
Maybelline - Fierce N Tangy

Reeves Acrylic Paint (Black, White)
Studs [x]


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