Tuesday, July 07, 2015

All Hands On Deck (Ship's Wheel Decoration Review)

Question: Is it really summer if you don't do an obligatory nautical design?
Answer: Of course not!

To satisfy that summer requirement, here is a simple, chic, nautical nail design for you!

I love how this design looks and I'm equally in love with how easy it is to do! Since there isn't any intricate painting to be done it's a design that I think anyone could easily rock.

I used my Twinkled T Maxi Stripe vinyls to make the lines on my index, middle, and pinky fingers (I still need some practice with these vinyls, but I think once I get the hang of them they'll work even better), and just a small dotting tool for the polka dots on the ring finger and thumb. Then I added some chain and wheel decorations to finish off the look!

These decorations come in a set of 50 pieces and are available in both gold (pictured) and silver. The product description lists these as being 5mm x 5mm and since I don’t have a ruler hanging around I’m going to assume these dimensions are accurate.

These decorations (I’m going to refer to them as charms from here on out because “decorations” sounds a little awkward to me) are made out of the same material as the snowflake charms I reviewed back in January. If you read that review then you probably know I’m not a fan of the material because it bends in the wrong ways and is prone to catching on things.

For my first attempt at applying these charms I used the same method as I did for the snowflakes: I dabbed some topcoat onto the nail where I wanted the charm to be and then pressed the charm on. This method worked terribly. The charms did adhere but they didn’t bend with the nail so they were just laying flat and coming up off the nail on either side. This caused them to be easily knocked off and even for 2 of the little knobs on the perimeter to break clean off.

I was going to leave the review like that and conclude that these charms are completely impractical, but I decided that I should give them another chance and tried applying them a different way in hopes of solving some of the problems I had during the first application.

The second time around I pre-bent the charms slightly so that they would better fit the shape of my nail. I then put topcoat on my entire nail and gently pressed the charm into the still-wet polish, making sure to place it so that it curved with my nail. After letting it dry it looked a little grubby because some topcoat came up through the hollow bits of the charm and dried on it, so I added a topcoat over top. Once the topcoat was dry the charm looked perfectly clean and more importantly curved with my nail.

I can still feel that the knobs closest to the sides of my nails are raised a bit, but it’s infinitely better than it had been.

Final conclusion on these charms is they visually they’re very pretty, and as long as you pre-bend them and add a topcoat over them, they shouldn’t catch in things too excessively. If you’d like to try these charms out for yourself they sell for C$4.80 (US$3.99) and come in 16 patterns (8 designs x 2 colours each).

BPS offers free shipping on all orders and you can get 10% off of your order with my code FHX31.

Phew, that was a long review. But yes, aside from the charms I really like this design (my dad said he thought they made it look like I should be out yachting haha!), and I don't know about you, but I'm kind of getting and SNSD circa 2010 Genie era vibe from these! 
Thanks for making it through all my rambling about these charms, and I hope you guys like this design as much as I do!

Products Used:
Essie - Blanc
Essie - Grow Stronger Base Coat
Essie - Style Cartel
HK Girl - Clear Topcoat


** These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone.** 


  1. These are fabulous! I love the little charms. I was wondering how you fixed them, so it was helpful to see your method. Hmmm ... I'm not sure they'd last very long if you did actually take to yachting though! :)

    1. Thank you!! ^^
      Haha, they probably wouldn't last all that long :P

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