Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Canada Day 2015

Happy Canada Day everyone!
I decided to do something a little different this year, so here to celebrate the holiday are a polar bear, a moose, a beaver, and the most feared bird in the country, a Canadian Goose!

It's honestly so difficult to come up with something creative to do with the Canadian flag, but as I was thinking about it this idea popped into my head! Playing on the classic Canadian stereotype of people "riding their polar bears to work," I decided to paint some of the animals most commonly associated with the Great White North.

The polar bear, moose, and beaver were a given, but I wasn't sure what the 4th animal should be. I considered painting a loon (just so that I'd cover all of the animals on our coins), but I figured most people wouldn't really get the loon so instead I went with the goose. They are definitely not my favourite animals - mostly because one chased my friend and I when we were younger and let me tell you, getting chased by a Canadian Goose is not a very fun experience - but I think it was the right choice for the design. ^^

Since it is Canada day, I couldn't avoid painting some maple leaves. They are one of the most annoying things to draw - and if you grew up as a child in Canada having to draw the flag for class I'm sure you can sympathize with me. But I managed and I think the leaves actually turned out pretty well!

Products Used:
Essie - Grow Stronger Base Coat
Essie - Licroice
Essie - Mink Muffs
HK Girl - Topcoat
Joe - Plaster
OPI - My Vampire Is Buff
Sally Hansen - Diamonds and Rubies
Sally Hansen - Eel Skin
Sally Hansen White On

I hope all of my Canadian friends and followers have having a lovely holiday and get to see lots of pretty fireworks tonight!



  1. These are ADORABLE! I just love the moose! Great job.

  2. So amazing!! I love it! Please BTS-Dope nail art :)

    1. Thank you so much!! ^^
      I love that song and I had considered doing a design for it when it first came out, but I couldn't really think of a good design to go with it so I decided to pass. I hope you understand!

  3. Happy Canada Day everyone!
    I decided to do something a little different this