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Originally posted on June 7th, 2020.

They got all eyes on me.

It's always exciting seeing what Lay comes up with for his solo releases, and let me tell you, LIT really blew me away. It's not a style I would typically listen to, but every time the song drops into the first chorus it gives me chills. And don't even get me started on the production value of this mv - it's just insane!

Such a grand music video needed a grand nail design, and here it is!

LAY Lit Nails

Lay Lit Nail Art

Painting this design... was intense, to say the least.

I'll start with the thumbnail. I can't believe I managed to paint all of those tiny little parts to recreate the logo. It was so time consuming, trying to get all the lines just right, that it ended up taking me an entire evening just to paint that one nail.

The index and pinky nails were pretty simple and offered me a slight reprieve. Then came the lotus, which I had a decent idea of how to paint, but I got a little confused with the shading and how exactly to make connect the petals in the middle.

I wanted to include the lotus in some way, as the Chinese title of the song is θŽ², meaning white lotus, and Yixing repeats the line I am the θŽ², I am lit in the chorus. πŸŒΈπŸ”₯

EXO LAY Lit Nails

But then. Then we got to the dragon eye. From the picture in the mv, I knew exactly how I wanted this nail to look, but I had about zero idea of how to get there. I gathered up a whole army of metallic browns and golds for the scales, and oranges, pinks, and yellows for the eye itself, and then just winged it. There was a lot of layering, and a lot of trying to get colours to match the picture, but in the end I somehow managed to pull something off that almost looks 3D, and has painted reflections that - in my mind - make it almost look real.

That eye truly is one of my most proud accomplishments, and I couldn't stop staring at it while I was wearing this set.

LAY Lit Nail Art

LAY Lit Nails

If you want to try this design out for yourself you can check out the tutorial on my Youtube channel below. Please remember to tag me (@nyanails or #looknyanails) on Instagram if you recreate this design so that I can see them!


Products Used:
Butter London - Priming Base Coat
China Glaze - Buffalo Bills, Bills
China Glaze - Campfired Up!
China Glaze - Fur Real Though
China Glaze - Good as Marigold
China Glaze - There She Rose Again
China Glaze - What's Up Buttercup
CND - Foiled Again
CND - Gilty or Innocent
CND - Leather Satchel
CND - Sexy + I Know It
CND - Sugar Spice
CND - Taxi, Please
CND - Vinylux Topcoat
Essie - Licorice
Essie - Set in Sandstone
Essie - Waltz
L'Oreal - Moka Chic
Nature Republic - Shy Yellow
OPI - Como Se Llama?
OPI - Good as Marigold
OPI - It's a Piazza Cake
Sally Hansen - Grey-Dreaming
Sally Hansen - Greyfitti
Sally Hansen - Miami Ice
Sally Hansen - Slate-r Girl
Sally Hansen - Sweet Tea
Sally Hansen - White On


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