Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Celadon Maebyeong Bottle

The second design that I made for my trip to Korea was this one inspired by Goryeo dynasty Korean celadon ceramics!

I took an art history course on South and East Asian art when I was in third year and flipped through my textbook to get some inspiration for this design! This design is specifically inspired by a Maebyeong bottle from the Goryeo dynasty; here's a little excerpt from my textbook that talks a little bit about the glaze technique:
Around 1150, Korean potters expanded their repertoire of decorative techniques to include innovative methods of ornamentation such as inlay and underglaze painting. A maebyeong bottle - a small-mouthed vessel with broad shoulders and a narrow base - decorated with images of a plum tree in blossom, bamboo, water birds, and butterflies is a products of these new techniques. The designs were first incised onto the clay vessel. Next, the incised imagery was inlaid with either black or white slips (a combination of clay and water) before a celadon glaze was applied and the vessel was fired. Careful attention was paid to the arrangement of the motifs in relation to the vessel's rounded forms to ensure a harmonious composition. Originally, this storage jar for such liquids as wine and vinegar was covered with a bell-shaped lid.  (Neave, Dorinda, Lara Blanchard, and Marika Sardar. Asian Art. Kendallsville: Courier, 2015.)

We also got to see a lot of Celadon ceramics at the museums we went to in Korea so that was pretty cool! Definitely a rewarding feeling when your coursework can actually be put to use in everyday life ~

I also made a tutorial for this design in case anyone wants to recreate it! Remember to credit me if you do try this design out for yourself and use the tag #looknyanails so I can see your pictures!

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