Friday, December 09, 2016

CND Celebration Collection Swatches

Hey guys! A few weeks ago I received a package from CND that contained their Creative Play Celebration Collection (as well as a few other holiday polishes) and now that it's December I thought this would be a good time to show you the swatches!

The Celebration Collection is full of sparkles and glitter; out of the 8 polishes in the set only two of them are creme polishes. Two of the polishes are glitter toppers, one is metallic, one is a shimmer, one is a jelly glitter and one is more of a creamy glitter.
I used two coats + a topcoat for all of the swatches unless stated otherwise in the polish description.

Extravaglint is one of the two glitter toppers in this collection. It's a clear polish with a ton of little bar-like pieces of glitter in it. I tried applying this polish in two ways. The first was to paint the polish straight on to my nail (as you can see in the swatches below), and I also tried sponging the polish onto my thumb nail to see how it would look if you wanted to use this polish by itself. I thin for this polish you could probably go either way, but I liked it better as a topper rather than a full-coverage glitter.


Foiled Again is a gold shimmer polish. I liked the formula for this polish and I probably could have gotten away with only using one coat (thought I ended up using two). Not sure if I love this colour with my skin tone, but I can see using it in designs if not as a base colour.


Happy Holly Day is a green creme polish. The formula was a little thinner than I thought it would be for the first coat, but it still had full coverage with two coats. I'm always looking for different shades of green polishes to use in designs and I don't have a shade like this yet so I was pretty happy to receive this one!


Naughty or Vice is a purple creme polish with cool undertones. Formula-wise this wasn't one of my favourite polishes in this line; I thought the polish seemed thick in the bottle but then when I was applying it it went on kind of thin. Still complete coverage with two coats, just a bit of an odd application experience. Colour-wise though this is probably one of my favourite polishes in this collection; it's such a great, deep purple for winter!


Revelry Red is a red polish with microglitter and slightly larger round glitter. I thought the combination of the two sizes of glitter was interesting and the formula went on nicely. This would be a cool way to shake up a classic red manicure without venturing too far out of your comfort zone.


RSVPlum is a metallic purple polish. I thought that this polish had a good formula and I probably could have gotten away with one coat. I think I mentioned in one of my other swatch posts that I sometimes have an issue with metallic polishes drying too fast and then pulling up a bit when you're still trying to paint, but I didn't have that issue with this polish!


Stellarbration is the second glitter topper in this collection. It's a clear polish which contains silver and light gold microglitter, hex glitter, and star shaped glitter. Like the other glitter topper I tried painting this polish directly onto the nail and sponging it onto the nail. For this polish I would definitely recommend using it as a topper and not sponging it; when you sponge this polish on you kind of can't differentiate the star-shaped glitter from the rest of the glitter and those are kind of the centerpiece of this polish.


Turquoise Tidings is a blue jelly glitter polish. The polish itself is blue and it contains small hex and flakie glitter. I used three coats for maximum glitter coverage, but you could definitely go with two coats if you wanted to. This polish looked a lot darker to me in the bottle than it did once I had applied it so I have a feeling that it may have looked more true to colour with a white or blue base coat underneath. Either way I loved how thick the formula was so that you didn't have to struggle to get the pieces of glitter to stay on your nail.

And that brings us to the end of the swatches for CND's Creative Play Celebration Collection!

In addition to this collection I also received two holiday Vinylux polishes to check out so I'm going to add the swatches of those two into this post as well.

Dark Diamonds is a black polish with silver glitter and is part of CND's Sparkle and Shine New Year's Eve Limited Edition Pre Pack. I thought the formula was a little thin on the first coat but you do get full coverage with two. I also thought that the polish seemed to dry kind of matte before I added the glossy topcoat. I did like this polish though, it kind of makes me think of black ice and it would definitely be a good choice for a NYE manicure!


Emerald Lights is from the Holiday 2016 Collection and is a dark green polish with green glitter in it. This polish went on thicker than I expected it to which was nice and it had complete coverage with two coats. I really liked this colour with my skin tone and it lowkey made me want to do a Wizard of Oz themed nail design.

Whew! That was a lot of swatches!
What colour did you guys like best? Which one would you wear during the holidays?

Thank you again to CND for all of the lovely polishes and I hope all of you have a lovely holiday season!


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