Thursday, March 31, 2016

CND Flirtation Collection Swatches

Hey guys! I received some awesome Nail Mail from CND last week that included their new Vinylux Flirtation collection and a hand cream and a soak from their Spa collection! 
The Flirtation collection contains 4 pastel colours and 4 bright ones, some of which have a slight shimmer to them. 

I like the mix of colours in this collection as it gives you the choice of having a softer or a brighter manicure. Overall I thought the pigmentation of the polishes was pretty good; I used two coats and a topcoat for the swatches of all but one of the polishes (I used three coats for Desert Poppy).

Now moving onto the individual colours!

Skin Tease is a beige/tan polish with pink undertones that has a slight shimmer to it when in the bottle; the shimmer wasn't as noticeable once it was on the nail.

Be Demure is a light pink creme polish. I felt that the first coat went on kind of thin but two coats was definitely enough for full coverage.

Pink Pursuit is another pink creme polish but this one is a little darker with more of a beige undertone. Full coverage in two coats.

Lavender Lace is a light purple polish with a slight shimmer. Out of the eight polishes I felt like this was one of the ones with the best formulas. (On a completely unrelated note I also feel like this colour reminds me of fairies for some reason).

Honey Darlin' is a butter yellow creme polish. I found that it looked darker on the nail than it did in the bottle. Like some of the other cremes, the first coat went on kind of thin but two coats gave full coverage.

Desert Poppy is a deep orange polish with shimmer. I found that the shimmer is really noticeable on the nail. I also though that out of the eight polishes this one's formula was the thinnest; I needed three coats for complete opacity.

Aqua-Intance is a lovely aqua/teal polish (it's definitely one of my favourites from this collection). I felt like this polish had one of the best formulas; I probably could have gotten away with just using one coat.

Date Night is a deep blue creme polish. I feel like this polish's formula is similar to Aqua-Intance; I probably could have gotten away with only using one coat.

And that wraps up the Flirtation collection!
What do you guys think of it? Which colour do you like the most? As I mentioned previously, I really liked Aqua-Intance, and I also liked Lavender Lace, though the entire collection is all very pretty.

In addition to the Flirtation collection, I was also sent part of CND's Spa collection. Specifically, the Gardenia Woods Hand Lotion and the Bright Citron Soak!

The Gardenia Woods lotion is super fragrant and the scent lasts for a long time. I wish I could somehow capture the smell of the lotion to share it with you guys, but trust me when I say it smells awesome! Kind of floral, kind of beachy; very nice combination.
As for the lotion itself, it's a pretty thick, white cream and it seems to moisturize pretty well!

The Bright Citron soak is also super aromatic. Since I love citrus and fruit scents anyways, I really like how this soak smells.
I have yet to use the soak but I'll update this post and let you know how it goes when I do!

And that brings us to the end of this post!
Hope you guys enjoyed reading about these collections!


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