Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Just Add Glitter

Q: What should you do when you can't think of a New Year's Eve nail design?
A: Just add glitter!

There is no going wrong with glitter (seriously, it's basically impossible), and honestly what better way to celebrate New Years Eve than with your nails literally dripping with glitter?

I'm currently up at my cottage with my parents for Winter break and since I didn't want to weigh down my suitcase with 500 nail polishes, I only brought a few to do NYE designs with. When I was packing though, I completely forgot to put my Simply Peel (liquid latex) in my bag which was pretty devastating considering it would have been super useful for this design. If you've ever done any kind of glitter manicure than you know the pain of trying to get that glitter off of your nails when it's time to change designs. Simply Peel is my general answer to that problem because when used as a base coat you can just peel it and the glitter right off your nail.
As an alternative, I used white glue as a base coat for this design and here's hoping that it works at least half as well as Simply Peel does (otherwise there's a good chance that I'm probably going to be spending hours trying to remove layers and layers of glitter from my poor nails).

So sparkly! I almost don't even need jewelry now because my nails are glitzy enough haha!

I also used this opportunity to review a cute little ring that I got from BPS!

You can see what I had to say about the ring here!

Hope you liked this design! Only one more before the end of the year (where has the time gone omg)!

Product Used:
Ciaté - Humbug
GOSH - Night Sky
HK Girl - Clear Top Coat
(White Glue as a base coat)


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