Saturday, September 19, 2015

You Think

♫♪ You Think ya real cool (you're not); Boy, you ain't cooler than me, nah. ♪♫
Like I said with my last SNSD manicure, this design is a little late considering the mv for You Think was released a month ago. I got it done and that's what count though, right?

This design was super fun and frustrating to put together! The inspiration for the three black nails comes from the girls' outfits in the mv, and when I was planning I honestly didn't think that attaching striping tape to jump rings would prove to be as difficult as it was. After so much handling from me trying to thread the tape through the rings, the striping tape wasn't as sticky as I'd thought it would be and wouldn't adhere to itself. To get it to stick around the jump rings I had to use nail glue, but that seemed to discolour the tape and even make it clear in some spots like the glue was eating away at it. Though it did turn out looking half decent I definitely don't think that's going to be a technique I try again any time soon :P

For the rainbow tie-dye on the thumb and pinky nails I used the acetone-marbling technique which I showed how to do in detail in my EXO LMR Tutorial. I really love this technique because it's pretty easy to do and yet still looks awesome!

It's amazing how different the mv's and therefore my designs for Soshi's two songs were, and I think it's pretty cool seeing them side by side.

From delicate lace and florals to chains and spikes; the contrast is so fun!

And just as a side note, no I didn't pierce my nail to attach the chain on the pinky finger. I did the same thing I did for my #NAFW2015 Day 7 design; I spread a jump ring enough that it would slide onto my nail and then used pliers to gently pinch it closed. It stays on pretty well and then comes off easily - with no damage to the nail - when you want to take it off.

Hopefully you guys like this design as much as I did! It was super fun to wear!

Products Used:
Ciaté - Big Yellow Taxi
Ciaté - Hopscotch
Essie - Blanc
Essie - DJ Play That Song
Essie - Grow Stronger Base Coat
Essie - I'm Addicted
Essie - Licorice
Essie - Vices Versa
HK Girl - Clear Top Coat
Quo by Orly - Hey Girl!
1.6mm Gold Chain (#5363)
Isosceles Triangle Studs (#16677)
Gold and Black Striping Tape (#231)
Jump Rings (Michaels)
Spike Crown (Daily Charme)



  1. I loooooove these Becca! Oh my gosh they are so fun and creative and cool and tough-looking! I really really want to recreate these some point :D

    1. Yayy, thanks Robin, I'm so glad you like them!! You should definitely try them out sometime; they're awesome to wear and aside from the headache of attaching the tape to the jump rings they're pretty easy to do! :D