Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Product Review: Wave French Nail Tip Guides

Welcome to this week's edition of BPS product reviews! As always, you can check out their nail art section for the product I'm reviewing as well as other cool items.

Today I have some french tip guides to review. I had a plan on what to do with them from the beginning - a scaled gradient! I'm probably a little late to this trend, but I just had to try it out myself and this was the perfect opportunity.


The guides come in a one sheet set that has three columns of 10 stickers (11 counting the larger one at the end).



My first commentary on this product comes before I even opened the package; one of the columns of guides had been cut almost right down the center.



As you can see, they were cut all the way through. I'm not sure how it happened since the plastic pouch it came in wasn't cut at all, but just a warning that evidently there is a possibility of products being damaged.

Moving past that little hiccup, I probably didn't use these guides in the way they were meant to be used, but they did work nonetheless. To create the scaled gradient, I used two of the guides together (they're kind of attached at the corners so they'll sort of stat together if you want to use multiples). I used two because I needed to keep the polish off of my nail where I wasn't sponging on the gradient.

I found the guides to be really sticky, where they were pulling off the nail polish underneath them; however, there is a very high possibility that this was my fault for not waiting long enough for the polish to dry.

In the interest of reviewing these guides for what they're probably meant to be used for, this is what the edge you get from using them looks like:


As you can see, it's a little messy (as is my skin; sorry about that, I didn't want to clean up halfway through the gradient). I made sure that the guide was flat on the nail before sponging the gradient underneath it, but the line isn't as straight as it could be and it looks like some polish may have gotten under the guide. With that being said, this could be a side effect from using the sponge vs. just directly painting onto the nail, I'm not sure.

At this point in the manicure I was pretty sure that it was going to end up being a nail fail and be banished to the pile of designs that never got to see the light of the blog. I figured I'd keep going to see how it turned out though. Luckily I did, because after waiting for the first gradient to dry and sponging on the second it actually looked pretty cool!


The shape of the guide is pretty cool since it's not just the regular slightly curved tip but a more dramatic, deep V/U shape, (not sure how to describe it but you can see it for yourself).
I didn't want to just leave the design plain like that though, so I added a border around it to finish off the look!


All in all, these guides are a pretty decent product, though like I said above, the line you get from it isn't as crisp as it probably should be. If you'd like to purchase this product yourself, it sells for C$1.73 (US$1.58) for a one sheet (33 sticker) package with free worldwide shipping.

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Thanks for reading!


** These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone. **

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