Friday, December 15, 2017

CND Glacial Illusion Collection Swatches

Now that it's December I think it's time to take a peek at some winter nail polishes! Today I'll be taking a look at CND's Winter 2017 Collection called Glacial Illusion.

This collection includes 6 polishes: three cremes, two metallics, and a glitter topcoat. All of the swatches are done with two coats of polish + a topcoat unless otherwise specified in the polish description.

Alpine Plum light purple metallic polish. This is the polish that I tried on at the media launch event for this collection, and I took pictures of that manicure for this swatch. As a result I don't actually have any notes about how it applied or what the formula is like, but I really loved the colour and I think the frosty effect it has is perfect for a winter mani! 


Cashmere Wrap is a beige creme polish. While the first coat was a little streaky, this polish gave full coverage in two coats. This is a really nice neutral colour that I'm sure will be very useful for me in a lot of designs in the future. 


Ice Bar is a sheer glitter topper that features pink shifting micro-glitters. This polish was probably the most interesting one in the collection to me because I've never tried this kind of glitter topper before. I swatched this polish twice, first using it by itself and then again over top of Mystic Slate, another polish from this collection. I used three coats of this polish when I swatched it straight on the nail, and as you can see from the pictures below it definitely is sheer. I think the yellowness of my nails threw its colour off a little, but I still thought the pink shifting glitter was really pretty. The macro shot of the nail shows off the effect of the polish much better than the more zoomed out version.
I also tried the polish over another colour just to see what the effect would be like. The base colour still showed through well with the topper just giving it a bit of extra shimmer and shift. Definitely a fun way to give any of the polishes in this collection a little extra kick.


Mystic Slate is a grey/blue creme polish. I was really impressed with the formula of this polish - it was almost a one-coater. I still went with two coats just to be safe, but the consistency and opacity of this polish was great. I found that the polish dried a little bit darker than it appears in the bottle, and comes across more blue-tinged in certain lighting.


Radiant Chill is a bronze metallic polish. This was my favourite polish in the collection simply because it was a one-coater!! It was totally opaque in just one coat, though I did use two coats for the swatch just for consistency's sake. It also didn't dry too quickly and therefore didn't drag the way a lot of metallic polishes do. Overall 10/10, was very impressed with this polish.


Winter Nights is a navy blue creme polish. Ironically, this creme polish is the one that dried too quickly and started dragging, not Radiant Chill. The second coat completely covered any drag marks though and made the polish look nice and even. This polish looks a lot lighter under the bright lights I use for photos, so do be warned that the polish is a bit darker in real life than in the following two pictures. The third picture below is the most accurate of the three because the nails weren't exposed to the lamps straight on.

That brings us to the end of the Glacial Illusion Collection! Just before I end this post, I also wanted to share with you guys some pictures from the launch event for this collection! Click right to scroll through the Instagram post below:

Thank you again to the lovely people at CND Canada and ASC PR for inviting me out to the launch event for this collection and for sending me home with these awesome polishes to try out!


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