Saturday, May 31, 2014

Product Review: 2.5mm Pearl Rhinestones

Hey guys, today I’m reviewing some rhinestones for Born Pretty Store! You can find these studs and more in the Nail Art Section of their website!
The rhinestones that I’m reviewing can be found here and look like little multi-coloured pearls! I knew right away what I wanted to do with these studs: mermaid nails!

The rhinestones are 2.5 mm in diameter and come in a one-wheel set that should contain 360 pieces (I can’t say the exact number I received since I didn’t count them, but there were a fair amount of beads in the package!)



For this design I decided to do a three-tone ombré on 4/5 nails and then a sand-covered accent nail. For the ombré nails I started out with a white base, sponged on the colours, and then topped it off with a thin coat of glitter polish. For the accent nail, I started off with a beige base and then, with the nail polish still wet, dipped my nail in some sand.


After I had the base done, I added some detail in white polish and then it was time to start adding embellishments! To apply the rhinestones I used tweezers to pick them up and dip the flat side in nail art glue before positioning them on the nail.

Some pros and cons that I found with these studs:
Pros: They sit well on the nail and look lovely on, as well as having a nice variety of colours to choose from
Con: They are an absolute pain to pick up. Since the tops of them are rounded, it’s very difficult to get a grip on them with tweezers or even with your fingers.Be prepared with some patience when applying these!

With that being said, I do like this product even though applying them can be a little trying. The rhinestones are versatile and could be used in a number of designs. These rhinestones sell for C$4.34 (US$3.99) for one wheel with free worldwide shipping.
Don’t forget, you can use the coupon code FHX31 for 10% off at Born Pretty Store!
I hope you enjoyed reading!


** These products were provided for review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by anyone. **

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